Episodes 4-6

Bjorn Anderson
as Michael Garner-Johnson

Bjorn Anderson is a stage and screen actor based in the Pacific Northwest. He has appeared in nearly twenty film projects, including feature-length and short films, television and web series, and commercial projects. In addition to his screen work, Bjorn has performed on numerous stages throughout the Northwest, including the award winning Northwest Classical Theatre Company, as well as Defunkt Theatre, where he starred in their critically acclaimed production of Boys in the Band. He is a proud graduate of St. Cloud State University, Minnesota and the Portland Actors Conservatory.

Jonathan Miles
as Justin Garner-Johnson

Jonathan Miles is an actor in the Pacific Northwest film and theatre community. He has recently had the honor of playing Macbeth for Speculative Drama. Some of his most rewarding credits include productions for Oregon Children's Theatre and Imago Theatre as well as teaching workshops for the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company. Jonathan's second feature film, Escaping Freedom, is available on many streaming platforms including iTunes, Prime and Google Play. He is ecstatic about reprising the role from his first feature film in this sequel series and couldn't be more grateful for the generous support from the More Than Only Family. When not acting, Jonathan can be found on set working as a production assistant, carpenter or assistant gaffer.

Beth Dodge 
as Brooke Zimmerman

Beth Dodge is a Portland native represented by Arthouse Talent for film, television, print and theatre. She began her performing career in musical theatre at the age of five and has since performed/ worked on 100+ productions. Beth received her AAOT and is actively working toward her BA at PSU. As much as she loves the intimacy of film she can’t deny her unwavering first love of theatre both on and off the stage. She is the primary choreographer for the Oregon City Children’s Theatre with a mission to stretch novice performers beyond even their own expectations through the modern storytelling of dance. Beth is delighted to be reunited with the More Than Only cast/ crew and looking forward to what the future holds for this passion project!

Maggie MacKenzie
as Mandy Garner-Johnson

Maggie started on the stage at the age of 5 with the Oregon City Children's Theatre where she's worked and performed under the direction of Michelle and Beth countless times since. She's also performed in a number of shows at Lakewood Theatre. This is her largest on screen role to date. Her previous credits include a one liner in Satanimation, a short B rated horror film. Maggie is excited to be back with the cast, as a now teenager herself, and dive into the world of film alongside such a fun and talented group of people. 

Hassan El Zein
as Andy Clark

Hassan El Zein is a Lebanese-American actor based in Portland, Oregon. He has a passion for well told stories, and after a few years of working in the corporate world, decided to give storytelling himself a try through the medium of acting and performing. More Than Only will be one of Hassan's first on-screen projects, and in his down time he likes to do recreational Muay Thai, suffer over the struggles of Seattle sports teams, and read great books.

Pearson Kunz
as Gabe Ross

Pearson completed their BA in Film & Theatre at the University of New Orleans. They have held associate producer, production designer, and production assistant positions on short film, music video, web series, and commercial productions. Additionally, they have acted for the stage, film, and tv. They have written, directed, and produced ten independent short films and published two original one-act plays. Since founding Golden Pride Productions, Pearson has been the lead producer on all of the company’s films, directed two, and wrote three. Pearson believes that art is an essential way for us to constantly question and challenge the circumstances of our collective existence.



(Episodes 4-6)

JUSTIN ................... JONATHAN MILES

BROOKE .................. BETH DODGE

MANDY ................... MAGGIE MACKENZIE

MARK  .................... JOEL ANDERSON

TODD ..................... MYKEL ILLA
GABE ...................... PEARSON KUNZ

ANDY ...................... HASSAN EL ZEIN

RILEY ...................... SIERRA ARCHER-MASTERS

TAYLOR ................... EMMA IMES

DR. DARCY .............. MARY THOMAS

LISSA ...................... COREY HOSTETLER-SMITH


BRIAN RN ................ PAUL COLLINS

MEGAN .................... IVY MOYES

BRIDGETT ............... LAURA WELSH

JORDAN .................. MATT SUNDERLAND
DR. STONE .............. BOB FORNEY
CHAPLIN ................. MARY FOLLEN

RT .......................... DAWN O'BRIEN, RT

PBT ........................ KAREN KING, PBT
RN, LEAD ................ CHUCK MILLER, RN

RN .......................... KACY VAN

RN .......................... HOLLY CAMBELL, RN

RN .......................... JAMELIA JOHNSON, RN

Joel Anderson
as Mark Tobin

Joel Anderson (Mark Tobin) Joel is returning to the screen reprising his previous role of Mark. He has been technical directing stage productions, and voice acting in different youtube series. He is grateful to be working again on the More Than Only short films, and hopes to continue the hobby of acting whenever the chance arises.

Paul Collins
as Brian, RN

Originally a Portland native, Paul Collins, a Portland based actor, has returned to the Pacific Northwest from Nashville in 2020. Since returning, he has worked on multiple film and commerical projects. Outside of acting Paul is an avid runner and hiker, and enjoys snowboarding and playing bass guitar. Paul is estatic to join the cast of More Than Only!

Mykel Illa
as Todd Davis

Mykel Illa is a portland based actor. Mykel has acted in 10+ stage productions and various short films.   Currently Mykel is working on his music career with his band, Delta Avenue, and his solo work, M. Illa.  After a brief hiatus from acting to focus and grow his music knowledge and following, he is excited to get back into the acting scene with the amazing cast and crew of, More than Only since his feature in the original film as Todd Davis back in 2016!

Michelle Leigh
Director & Screenwriter

Michelle has performed, directed and stage managed over 150 theatre productions collectively along the west coast since first entering the theatre world in 1984. In 2005 I founded the Oregon City Children's Theatre at the "simple" request of my nine year old daughter. A community based, non profit, now open to adults as well, organization where people can be in a theatre production regardless of experience. I am an RN by trade and have been practicing in the Portland Metro area since 2000 just before my youngest was born. Directing and writing a film was a new beast entirely, but a story I had to tell.

Isaiah H. Brown
Sound Engineer

Isaiah H. Brown is a native Oregonian with a passion for audio. He is a Clackamas Community College alumni with a focus in music technology. He is currently working as a producer on the SleeperWire podcast, and is an active freelance audio engineer in the Portland area. Isaiah was the sound engineer on the feature film in addition to all of the short series episodes to date! 

Darren Hartman
(DOP) Director of Photography

Darren Hartman has over a decade of film-making experience in New York, Los Angeles and Portland, OR; where he now resides.  Darren's career has taken him across the country and the world, shooting projects of all kinds including a professional wrestling show in Paraguay.  His career path has led him to be the Co-Owner and Senior Colorist of Alkemic Color where he has color graded commercials for global brands such as Sprite, P&G and Adidas, as well as the dailies colorist on Netflix series such as American Vandal and Trinkets.

Beth Dodge 
2nd AD/ Wardrobe/ Art Dept.

Although Beth's primary focus and role in the film industry is as an actor, she is quite comfortable in running point and assisting with direction to our novice and/ or youth performers on set. When asked by Michelle she was more than happy to take on wardrobe and costuming the actors, including herself, for the short series, you might say she has a "passion for fashion". And just to make sure her plate was plenty packed she also took on the Art department position in shopping, staging and decorating each of the various locations you see throughout the MTO series episodes. 

Nathan (N8) Miles
1st Gaffer

N8 is a BIPOC cinematographer based in Portland, OR whose projects range from music videos, films, commercials, branded content and more. He is known for his passionate work ethic, hands-on approach, dynamic efficiency and vast attention to detail. Outside of his on-set experience, N8 utilizes technical and professional knowledge acquired through active duty US Navy services in his art. The military duties as an Electrician and Rescue Swimmer is what makes N8 unique. A dedicated crew member that brings an electrifying passion and positive attitude! 

Tim Coyle
2nd Gaffer/ PA

Tim is primarily an Actor, Freelance Gaffer and Production Assistant, though he has performed most other functions on crew as well. Ever since childhood, he has been interested in filmmaking. Tim grew up in McMinnville, OR, which did not have a filmmaking scene. In 2017 he landed a background role for an HBO TV show and was told by fellow extras where to find more work that led me to PDX. He has been working on sets, in front of and behind the camera, for 4 years now with over 100 projects under his belt. Going forward, Tim plans to make filmmaking his career and continue to work with some of the greatest people I have ever met.

Dustin Hendrick
Script Supervisor

A native Oregonian, Dustin has lived up and down the west coast all his life. He moved to PDX in 2013 and met his future husband Nate, a filmmaker. As a script supervisor Dustin has worked on several indie projects in the Pacific Northwest and is looking forward to working with the talented cast and crew of More Than Only. He is also a writer of script and prose. His first book, a collection of autobiographical essays, was published in 2020. He frequently collaborates with his husband on screenplays. Their short film, Monsters, will begin production in early 2022, marking Dustin’s first time as a co-director. He is currently at work on a short story collection and a feature-length screenplay. More at dustinhendrick.com.

Matt Bauer
Editor/ DIT

Matt Bauer is a Caucasian American Filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, California. Over the last decade, Matt has kept busy creating a plethora of short films, as well as his first independent feature length comedy, “The King Of idiots”. All while pursuing a Video Editing career, working for brands like Netflix, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pepsi, and Vanity Fair. If you ever see him in public, you may notice he’s very pale. This is normal, as direct sunlight doesn’t come with his line of work. Remember to take your Vitamin D supplements, and check out his movies at mattbauer.film the next time you’re on the john. Matt worked on DIT on the original feature film back in 2016!

Jeff Knapp
BTS Photographer/ Videographer

When not spending time taking pictures of his toy collection, Jeff works as a cinematographer, editor, writer, and photographer. Starting out in the San Francisco Bay Area as a photo/video journalist, he moved onto corporate video work before venturing into feature narrative production. He currently lives in Portland, where he is working on producing his own independent film (if he ever finishes writing it).

Andi Hummel
1st AD

Andi is excited to be working with the established cast and crew of More Than Only this Summer on the next three episodes of the series! 

Two Twenty Two

Two Twenty Two is London-based composer duo Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship. They are known for their film scores for feminist historical drama 'Ask For Jane' starring Alison Wright (The Americans) and Sarah Steele
(The Good Fight), Bangladesh refugee documentary 

'Shanti Khana' narrated by Ashley Judd and Royal Television Society award-winning short documentary 'Nial Adams'.

Tom and Daisy stumbled upon 'More Than Only' on Instagram with its beautifully shot stills and behind-the-scenes content. They immediately contacted writer-director Michelle Leigh to ask about the concept and discovered a coming-of-age story with genuinely 

heartwarming performances. Told from the perspective of a gay man, this was a dream job, not least due to hours of conversation with Michelle spent digging deep into the heart of the characters. “More Than Only was our maiden voyage into feature film scoring and we couldn’t have asked for a more joyful experience working alongside such a heartfelt storyteller like Michelle.” Daisy and Tom, Two Twenty Two.

Dylan Dean

I knew I wanted to play violin as much as possible when I saw the grin of a gypsy matching that of his accordion as

we played together in Slovenia many years ago. After having

played in several bands over the years, I finally launched deeply into my own solo project involving broad instrumentation.

My songs in More Than Only come from my first album, “Isaac and The Sea Monster” that I followed closely with a second project entitled “DDMP01” - both through CDBaby and Streamable anywhere. I also happen to be a medical professional, an Emergency Medicine physician who has the pleasure of working alongside the writer and director of this amazing series, Michelle. 

Mykel Illa

Mykel illa, or M. Illa, is a portland based musician/artist who creates music of spanning genres. Mykel is the bassist/lead vocalist for the band Delta Avenue which is a 5 piece pop/rock/indie band! Delta Ave has music you can find on all streaming platforms such as spotify and apple music and a 

couple music videos on youtube! Mykel also started a solo artist career alongside playing with his band known as M. Illa. With his solo music, it touches more on hip hop/soul/pop with touches of rock. You can check out is first two releases 'Tragic' and 'rewind' out on every platform that plays music! Go reach out and check out his projects! He has a lot more in store!--