Short Film Series

Episodes 4-6:

The original feature film, "More Than Only" was filmed in thirty-one days in August, 2016. Exactly four years later the MTO cast and crew have reunited to film a three part short series that continues the story of Justin, Michael, Brooke and their daughter Mandy now five years into the future from where we saw them last. 

Despite Justin's picturesque life he still carries the burden of his father's hate and disapproval. He is reminded that he doesn't have to walk-through his pain alone, because his family, his chosen family, is there to lend an ear or hand without condition.

Justin and Michael, experience both triumphs and stumbles as they continue through parenthood with their now 12.5 year old daughter. Nevertheless Brooke is always there to lend a helping hand and share her feminine wisdom when the guys find themselves in uncharted territory. And this little family wouldn't be complete without the love and support of Michael's parents, Eva and Thomas.  

Filming May 29 - June 20, 2021!