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Although it is setup as a monthly payment patrons can cancel at anytime. 



We realize not everyone has the ability to make a monthly contribution, so MTO fans can also send us a one time donation via PayPal! 

All donations, Patreon or otherwise, will directly fund the filming, editing and mastering of of all "More Than Only" continued films and, hopefully, other LGBT feature films down the road! 

The average cost of filming and producing the short film is roughly $15,000 - $20,000 
Which is why we plan to film each short in a series of 3 to maximize cost usage. Following primary filming each short will then take about a month to complete post production: editing, sound mastering and color correction. 
Once each short has completed each stage (pre and post production) we will release them monthly on YouTube. 

Every three months Patreon contributions will be evaluated and if we have met that $15-20K goal we can continue forward and produce another 3 MTO short films! 

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