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What better way to show your support for future and current MTO projects than buying yourself a t-shirt, or two... or ten! 

Keep in mind the price of our merchandise is inclusive of the item itself, the labor costs for the company that makes them AND the profit we get to put toward the film which comes down to about 20% per item. 

$5.00                   MTO Logo Vinyl Sticker (USA)
$8.00                   MTO Logo Vinyl Sticker (INT)

$16.00                 Signed Poster (USA)
$21.00                 Signed Poster (INT)



$16.00 -$30.00   DVD (w/ shipping)

$21.00 -$35.00   BLUE RAY (w/ shipping)


$17.00 -$31.00   DVD (w/ shipping)

$22.00 -$36.00   BLUE RAY (w/ shipping)

$15.00      Mug

$25.00      Canvas tote bag

$30.00      Unisex tee

                  Unisex tank top

                  Women's cut tee

$35.00       V-neck tee

                   Racerback tank top
                   Long sleeve tee

$45.00       Crew Neck 

                   Pullover hoodie

Don't see an item that suits your fancy?

Send us an email with your design concept and the style of apparel you want (unisex tee, hoodie, mug etc.)

and we'll send you a price quote! 

Keep in mind customized items will be more expensive AND there are limitations to what we can and can't produce. 

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